Oct 10, 2009

don't dare to piss me out!

I'm gettin' out of my nerve! So provoke of having friends like THEM! damn it!
Instead of saying what they feel, they're making me feel that they don't like me.
what the heck?
and tell me not to get mad of them, it's not even a shallow reason!

Okay. next topic! haha.

Time is running out. Er! I have lot of things to do.
One is our project in MAPEH! grr. that is, I think PAINTING! haha.
definitely. :P LOLS.
we're going to paint on a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT. And of course, our OWN DESIGN!

The next big activity in our School is the United Nation Week/Month!
hahaha. Silly! We have our representative. And that is Brenda! hahay.
And for us to be supportive, we need to make BANNERS/STREAMERS and everything nice!
haha. Another is TEACHER'S MONTH! Grr. LOT OF THINS HUH? Tsk!

I still have no lectures regarding with all of my SUBJECTS! ^^, nice.
i'm losing my temper. and i hate that thing. Sssssssssssssssssssssss..
School is fun but studying is not. Right?
I'm kinda exhausted! Hay..

That's it! thanks for reading!
Instead of making my projects and lectures and other stuffs,
I'am here, typing this crap! hahahahaha. :)))))


Sep 20, 2009


Good morning guys! (^o^)

I'm so confused..
uh! Actually, my problem is nearly far from the present.
Ahahaha.!! LOL.
What course shall I take?

-- Business Economics , Medicine , Political Science --

In Business Economics, the aim of this Course is..

to explores the key disciplines of business economics to equip with the skills necessary for career positions in national and international companies. It provides an exposition of theoretical and operational issues as well as the use of analytical techniques and research methods in business economics. It also develops an understanding of regulatory and cultural constraints to business activities and management; engage in key issues in international negotiations; develop a critical understanding of international business strategy; and evaluate the implications of different economic, political and social environments of international business.


In Medicine, the aim of this course is..

ahaha! i don't know what is the aim of this course.
But, obviously, it cures all ILLNESSES? Am I right?
hahhaah. Common sense humans!


In Political Science, the aim of this course is..

examines the acquisition and application of power. Related areas of study include political philosophy, which seeks a rationale for politics and an ethic of public behaviour, political economy, which attempts to develop understandings of the relationships between politics and the economy and the governance of the two, and public administration, which examines the practices of governance.

that courses what i'am thinking about to take!
confuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuused! ERR.

what do you think?!
hahaha. I'm getting crazy!
Oh my God! ^^,

Thanks for reading.
Good Morning again ..